Best Carpet Cleaner Services

Carpets are no strangers to our homes and businesses. However, how healthy your indoor living environment actually depends on how well you maintain your carpets. It is not surprising that carpets can actually act like a huge sponge, attracting all sorts of toxins and pollutants that are transported from the outdoors through our clothes and bodies. Your carpets can end up stained and smeared with soil, cigarette smoke, car exhaust smoke, and various other nuisances.

On the bright side, the dirt stored in your carpet only means there’s less of that stuff out in the air that you breathe. However, this only means that your carpet eventually becomes as dirty as an air filter that hasn’t been changed in a while. This means that the pollutants are being released right back into the air with every step you take on the carpet. It is therefore very important to keep your carpets properly cleaned and maintained.

Carpet Cleaner Services

Cleaning carpets are no easy business, and the market is filled with misleading ads, outrageous claims, and false information. Choosing a reliable and trustworthy professional carpet cleaner can be hard, but after reading this Consumer Guide to Carpet Cleaning, you’ll be able to spot the right qualifications required, as well as learn how to avoid common mistakes and rip-offs.

There’s more than one way to clean a carpet, and hot water extraction is strongly and widely recommended in almost all cases. It is important however that you have a decent understanding of each process to decide what suits you best.

Hot Water Extraction (Steam Cleaning): 
Simply put, hot water cleaning solution is pumped into your carpet under high pressure and is then power vacuumed out of the rug. Shaw’s Industries, which is the world’s largest carpet manufacturer; “recommends the hot water extraction system, which research indicated provides the best capability for cleaning,” as stated in a Technical Bulletin.

Absorbent Pad (Bonnet Cleaning): In a process similar to the “dry foam” process described below, a large cotton bonnet is rotated with high pressure by a buffer machine, which “buffs” your carpet. The circular motion is meant to absorb dirt from your carpet. Imagine a large cotton towel being used to rub dirt out of your rug; it’s actually not super effective.

Dry, Absorbent Power: 
This method utilized a moist, absorbent powder that is spread throughout the carpet. Once the power is dry, it is then vacuumed. Unfortunately, dry sponge particles are left at the base of the carpet yarn, and since the carpet is not rinsed, this method isn’t very effective.

Dry Foam: 
Imagine rinsing your hair with shampoo, waiting for the shampoo to dry, and then vacuuming your hair! This is very similar to the dry foam technique, where shampoo is applied onto your carpet, allowed to dry, and then vacuumed. The problem with this method is that dirty residue is left stuck in your carpet, which is why this method is not recommended.

Furthermore, here are some common misconceptions about carpet cleaning that could cost you time and money:

  • “I can wait long periods of time between each carpet cleaning.”
  • “I should probably only clean the carpet to remove dirt.”
  • “All carpet cleaning methods are pretty much the same.”
  • “Any company with the right equipment can clean a carpet properly.”
  • “I should go with the cheapest company.”
  • “Any honest carpet cleaner should be able to give an exact price quote over the phone.”

There are also a few common mistakes that most homeowners do when choosing a carpet cleaner:

  • Choosing based on equipment alone.\
  • Selecting based on the lowest price.
  • Deciding based on a single talk over the phone.
  • Opting for a company that doesn’t offer cash-back guarantees.
  • Not looking into the carpet cleaner’s past clients.
  • Settling for a carpet cleaner who is not certified by the Institute of Inspection,
  • Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC).
  • Not making sure that carpet cleaner is a Carpet and Fabricare Institute (CFI) member.
  • Picking a carpet cleaning company with no truck-mounted hot water extraction system.

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Limo Service

Most limousine companies will offer a huge array of limo services to cover every occasion during your lifetime. It pays to shop around to get the best deal. Riding in a limo is the ultimate in luxury. It makes a special day even more special. Limousines come in many shapes and sizes. Nowadays, they already come in cars that carry 3 people to buses that can hold over 30 people.

Limo Service

One of the most popular limo services that many companies provide is airport service. They will pick you up from your home or hotel and they will provide you a luxurious and comfortable transportation to the airport. The beauty of airport limo service is that you don’t have to wrestle with baggage, and you won’t even worry about the flight being delayed. If you have given the company your flight number, they will be able to check your flight details and inform you, should there be any delays. You can be sure that you will be at the airport on time and in style.

Moreover, celebrating a milestone or birthday is another reason to avail a limo service. Limos come equipped with lights and sound systems. You will even be offered drinks and champagne. A limo will pick you up from your destination and take you wherever you need to go. You no longer have to worry about who will drive you home or whether you can get a reliable taxi to take you all to your destinations at the right time.

Also, most wedding days are usually marked by using a limo service. It wouldn’t be a proper wedding without a limousine to bring the bride to the church. Most limousine companies don’t just hire out limos. They will usually provide town cars and shuttle buses, which are great to transport friends and family to and from the church and wedding venue. Another benefit to using a chauffeur-driven limo on your big day is the fact that your driver will have vast experience with the roads and traffic and will plan the route so you don’t get stuck in traffic on your very special day.

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Never Grow Up

Picking up where the last story left off…

The next sound that tore through our home proved that he actually was.  We hear, “Aaaaaaaahh!!!”, at the top of his voice, and in his thick northern New Jersey accent (if that even has an accent) Like a shot, he was sliding down the staircase at a speed that no one had anticipated.  His makeshift toboggan had literally become a projectile!  In its wake were 5 little kids trying their hardest to keep from falling, because they too were laughing and screaming uncontrollably.  Phil was obviously having a blast, but unfortunately, he had completely underestimated just how fast he was travelling.

Dog at bottom of stairsNo one foresaw what happened next.  Unfortunately, once he hit the bottom of the steps, his forward momentum was far from dissipated.  About 10 feet from the bottom of the staircase was the front door of our home.  Though it was sturdily constructed and built from oak, it also had a rather large glass window pane that covered the top portion of the door. So you can probably guess what happened next.  WHAM!!

We didn’t know whether we should continue to laugh, or whether we should begin to cry.  The look of bewilderment on the children’s faces was absolutely priceless.  Without letup, they were continuing to laugh, while at the same time they were frantically looking from one adult’s face to the next to see if they could be in any trouble for what had just happened.  When they finally saw their father rolling on the floor holding his side from laughing so hard, they then let down their guard and piled onto their Dad’s now limp and shaking body.

As it happened, what had caused my husband to laugh so uncontrollably that night were the many looks on poor Phil’s face, before, during, and after the crash.  While sliding down at breakneck speed, his look had quickly morphed from that of excitement and glee to one of sheer terror by the time he had hit the bottom.  He had not counted on sliding so fast, because apparently the friction incurred by a “mattress-toboggan” is far less than the friction applied by a child’s belly when traversing backwards down a flight of stairs. Who’da thunk it?

As the dust began to settle, there was Phil sitting in the midst of the rubble, looking completely pathetic.  Unsure whether he had somehow offended all of us by his actions, he couldn’t decide which face he should be wearing.  Disheveled from head to toe with his eyeglasses sitting cockeyed on his face, he humbly looked to the children for guidance.  They of course were still laughing, but in addition they now began hugging and holding onto their dear Uncle Phil, who had just become their hero.

There can be no doubt that the aftermath of that evening was indeed profound, at least from a parent’s perspective.  Though funny and very entertaining, the positive effect that it ultimately had on our children cannot be overstated.  Uncle Phil taught our kids a valuable lesson that night.  It was one for which I will always be grateful.  Our little ones saw firsthand that adults are essentially “little kids” trapped in an older body.  Their outlook on the world changed that evening, because their appreciation for their elders did as well.  We owe a great debt to Phil and Julie, because they showed our kids that we are all the same.  When it was time to be serious, they always provided a fine example.  However, when it was time to have fun, it was their fun-loving spirit that drew our children close.



No! No! It’s my turn!

Picking up where I’ll take care of this! left off…

As my husband and I swiftly exchanged glances of approval, Phil disappeared into the living room and proceeded up the staircase. The screams of delight coming from the children, quickly flittered away as “Phil the Disciplinarian” arrived on the scene. We imagined that the kids were a little confused to have “Uncle Phil seeking to remediate the situation, however because they were obedient little children, we were not surprised that the shenanigans promptly ceased. Or at least we thought that they had.

Mattress-SurfingSurprisingly, all was quiet for a puzzlingly long period of time. It wasn’t long before my husband and I were certain that they all had hopped into bed, said their prayers and wished Phil, “good night.” However, for some reason time was dragging on past what was normal. We were honestly beginning to worry that perhaps Phil too had fallen asleep up there with them. It was way too quiet! Then all of us sudden, everything changed. Continue reading “No! No! It’s my turn!”

I’ll take care of this!

Wow! How do I determine what is funny to me …versus what might be funny to others? I really had to rack my brain over this one! This story takes me back more than 25 years, but I think that it’s worth recalling it. I was in my early 30’s and by that time, my husband and I had 5 beautiful children. Our youngest was about 2 and the oldest was almost 11.

Kids-Sliding-Down-StairsIt all began one Friday evening, when we had a young married couple over for dinner. They were dear friends of ours. His name was Phil and his wife’s name was Julie and they were a great couple. They were regulars at our place, so much so that to our neighbors, they seemed to have been a part of our family. They had no children of their own and maybe that’s why they loved our 5 little ones so much. To our kids, he was Uncle Phil and she was Aunt Julie. Continue reading “I’ll take care of this!”